Paragon Risk Management Services has assembled panels of specialist 3rd party service providers who are recognized as industry leaders to assist our clients, prepare for a potential privacy or security breach and/or to provide guidance throughout dealing with the breach. Working with our panelists is not mandatory but it is there to deliver valuable and relevant services to reduce the time, brand and financial costs of a privacy or security breach.

We offer:

  • (Pre-Breach) Cyber Risk Management Services are offered to increase awareness and the quality of security in order to mitigate or prevent a privacy or security breach. Pre-breach services are available to our clients, and Paragon referrals will benefit from pre-agreed preferential rates. We are happy to make introductions on request.It is our goal that the pre-breach/risk management services provided will not only help to deliver a more competitive insurance program for our clients, but also help to play a proactive role in helping our clients develop enhanced procedures, allowing them to devote more time to their business and their clients.
  • (Post-Breach) Cyber Crisis Management Services are offered to provide pro-active support to our clients around a breach to mitigate costs arising out of privacy or security breaches. Our post-breach panel has been pre-approved by insurers for simplified consent provisions, freeing-up our client to focus on dealing with the breach.
  • Access and preferential rates with our services providers
  • Access to white papers about privacy and network security
Lyndsey Bauer
Partner & Director
tel:+44 (0)20 7280 8228
William Wright
Partner & Director
tel:+44 (0)20 7280 8252