Client Services

The vastly experienced Paragon client service team works closely with the broking, finance and claims teams to ensure:(i) adequacy of coverage, (ii) accuracy of technical insurance documentation, (iii) regulatory compliance, (iv) prompt premium payment and (v) timely issuance of policy documentation.

Paragon’s client service team is responsible for the following:

  • Technical documents: We recognise that clients have unique requirements which is why we provide technical documents drawn up to meet individual needs. We seek to identify, highlight coverage concerns and, where necessary, tailor language to address potential exposures. Our clients receive valuable assistance in the analysis of their coverage.
  • Bespoke/tailored policy language: Our client service team has the expertise to recognise when standard policy language could lead to exposure not being covered under a standard policy. We are quick to negotiate with insurers and tailor language to fit individual needs.
  • Regulatory/compliance matters: Ensuring that policies are accurate and legally binding for all parties involved is paramount. This is ensured by our knowledge of territorial regulations, state regulations, taxation, local insurance requirements, specific classes of business regulations, law of agency, and contract law.
  • Class of business knowledge: Understanding a client’s business, and the particular risks associated with it, is an important part of the client service team’s remit. Account handlers work with the broker to identify products that suit our clients’ needs.
Glen Obermaier
Director & Partner
tel:+44 (0)20 7280 8203