Cyber Risk – Are you concerned about the costs and repercussions to your brand or whether your firm is fully prepared to respond to cyber incidents such as the below?

  1. An employee has left a laptop on the train. The laptop contains confidential information which could be accessed and released into the public domain…
  1. Your firm’s online payment website or customer database is hacked and malicious actors steal the financial information of your clients…
  1. An employee has clicked on a link in a phishing email causing the firm’s data to be encrypted. The firm’s operations are completely halted and the firm is held to ransom in order to unlock the data…

Paragon has created Paragon Prime, an exclusive cyber insurance product to help our direct clients tackle these cyber risk issues.

Paragon Prime not only provides financial risk transfer; it also includes cyber risk management services and incident response support in the event of your firm being exposed to any of the above scenarios and/or all of the following;

  • Disgruntled employees
  • Cyber extortion
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Hacktivism / cyber terrorism
  • Corporate espionage


  • It is the duty of Directors to shareholders to have a measured response to crisis situations
  • Provides cyber risk management solutions
  • Provides access to a crisis management team avoiding distressed purchasing of these services
  • Being ready for a cyber event will help mitigate damage to your reputation
  • Having specialist expertise to help manage you through the situation will aid to provide a successful notification to regulators
  • Protection for cyber risks does not exist in other insurance policies

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