We recommend selecting a crisis management (post-breach) service provider with Cyber Crisis Management Service Provider Panel (Post-Breach) insurers at, or prior to, policy inception. If an organisation does not have a preferred Post-Breach service provider, they may select from our pre-approved panel to take over the matter with insurers’ prior consent. This will save time selecting and clearing counsel with insurers, when focus should be on dealing with the breach itself.

Subject to passing conflicts, the post-breach service provider will be available to provide support throughout an incident and its aftermath. Our (post-breach) cyber crisis management service provider panel will provide forensic experts who can be on hand to assist when needed. Such forensic experts will work closely with the law firm and client.

Paragon Post-Breach service providers:

  • Will take the first call from the point an organisation reasonably suspects there has been a security breach
  • Can function as a breach coach and can appoint the relevant forensic team
  • Can decide with the client if formal actions are required in accordance with security breach notification laws and offer guidance thereafter, including defence