We have negotiated preferential rates with our Cyber Risk Management Service Provider Panel (Pre-Breach) who are available at our clients’ discretion, to assist with any specific privacy & security liability related governance and/or implementation concerns, including requests to:

  • Establish, review or improve internal governance policies
  • Establish, review or improve a crisis management response plan (Example: AllClear ID Data Breach Incident Response Workbook)
  • Provide staff awareness training
  • Training on current hot topics with possible technology solutions
  • On-site education and/or Webinars on hot topics (i.e. social media)

Cyber insurance placement/deal-specific assistance is available. If insurers are aware of a weakness which reasonably could give rise to a loss, such as non-compliance with PCI, they may wish to exclude coverage arising from that weakness. London underwriters have shown flexibility where the client can demonstrate awareness of the weakness and a proactive, measurable response.

Our clients are not obliged to work with the service providers on our pre-breach panel and always have the choice to select their own service providers.