These services can cover a broad range of issues, some examples being:

  • Audit of existing risk management programs and procedures;
  • Review and/or creation of a risk management manual, in whole or in part;
  • Construction of new risk management programs and procedures;
  • Review of client intake procedures/conflict systems;
  • Assistance with education and compliance programs for new or existing risk management polices and procedures
  • Advice on electronic documentation retention

All of the above will be customised by the appropriate Specialist Service Provider you select in order to achieve the most productive results for you.

Risk Management Review

A Risk Management Review by a specialist you select will provide an independent assessment of your firm’s risk management practice. This may take the form of an on-site visit, face to face interviews with designated senior management, and, if applicable, may include additional visits to your firm’s other offices. This will help verify whether the appropriate procedures are in place to control and mitigate the many exposures that your firm may face in today’s law practice environment.

Risk Management Continuing Legal Education (CLE)

Presentations / lectures are available from highly qualified and effective speakers with regards to topics of interest. We will help select the appropriate providers based on chosen topics.

CLE will also be available on-line via our website link.

Partner / Associate Retreats

Any of our providers will be available to talk at your firm retreat on subjects of your choice.