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Risk Management – Recent Disqualification Decisions

By August 17, 2016December 13th, 2019No Comments

Two recent disqualification decisions are of interest from a risk management perspective. They are Bryan Corp. v. Abrano, 574 Mass. 504 (June 2016), decided by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, which concerned disqualification based on concurrent representation conflicts of interest in the closely held corporate context, and Raffaeli v. Raffaeli, 2016 WL 3070042, No. 2089/2013 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. June 1, 2016), decided by the New York Supreme Court (Westchester County), which concerned imputed disqualification on account of paralegal movement between firms adverse in litigation. notwithstanding the use of screening measures.

Gilda Russell, one of our Preferred Providers, reviews these important cases for the Paragon Blog “Policy-Wise” in the attached article “Recent Disqualification Decisions:  Concurrent Representation in Closely Held Corporate Context and Paralegal Movement Between Adverse Firms.” We hope that the article will be of interest to you. To review the article, click here.