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If you’re always on the road, here are our key tips for staying secure

By October 26, 2018February 11th, 2020No Comments

What would we do without the internet while we’re abroad? Whether it’s looking up directions to the next meeting or trying to find the best place to stop for lunch, we’re always connected.                    

Business travellers can be up against some unique cyber threats, as our devices—smartphones, laptops and tablets—are often the gateways to sensitive business information.                       

With this in mind, here are our top five tips for cyber safety whilst on the road:


1. Talk to your IT team

Your IT team are a fount of knowledge and generally keep an eye out for the latest security threats and fixes. Talk to them about ensuring your software is current, setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), and potentially even providing temporary gadgets you can take abroad.


2. Keep your software up-to-date

Those little pop-ups in the bottom right hand corner of your screen about updates to software can be a bit annoying but shouldn’t be ignored. Those updates represent fixes to chinks in your armour and hackers are always on the look out for ways they can wriggle through your defences. By keeping your software up-to-date as soon as you see that pop-up, you’re keeping your armour strong. It is very worth it


3. Be careful about your activities while you’re using public wi-fi

Whether you’re using a public computer or a public wi-fi connection, you should limit your activities to information searches and directions. If you need to log in to your online banking or share files, it’s best done on a secure connection. If you’re unsure, the rule is: If a network doesn’t ask for a password, don’t use it.


4. Keep social media check-ins to a minimum

It’s so easy to check-in on Facebook or tweet something that gives your location away. If you do love to share where you are, review your privacy settings to make sure only people you know can see where you are.


5. Don’t leave your devices unsecured

This is the most obvious, but don’t leave your gadgets unattended, or if you’re leaving them in your hotel room put them in the room safe. You can spend all your time ensuring you’re secure online, only to have your laptop stolen whilst you take a bathroom break.