Cyber, Technology Errors & Omission Insurance

All businesses face cyber risks. Technology never stops evolving and naturally most businesses have a critical reliance on their IT networks to operate and generate revenue. Laws and regulations governing the collection and storage of personally identifiable data are complex and non-compliance can be costly.

It can be hard finding the right coverage for these risks to avoid unnecessary costs, loss of profits, damage to reputation and regulatory implications.

This is where Paragon Prime comes in.

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Our cyber team has been working on complex (and straightforward) placements for many years and has handled over 1000 claims in-house. We have the experience to guide you through the process when the unexpected happens.

Paragon Prime policies cover:

  • Network Security and Privacy Liability
  • Privacy Breach Expenses, including forensics, incident response costs, legal & PR
  • Regulatory Investigations
  • Business Interruption, including loss of income and extra expense
  • Reputational Business Interruption
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Social Engineering and Invoice Manipulation
  • Technology Errors and Omissions.

Why choose us?

  • Strong relationships with A-rated insurers who are committed to cyber security
  • Exclusive access to a market-leading insurance product Paragon Prime, available only through Paragon
  • Hassle-free process – no need to fill in additional forms
  • Experienced claims team
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