Specific Issue Risk Management

Set forth below are a list of services that could be provided by the lawyers on Paragon’s Panel of Specialist Service Providers (subject to the appropriate conflict checks) that might not be suitable for nor necessary to be performed on a “hotline” basis.

  • Review and recommendations with respect to the content and presentation of various risk management policies and procedures under consideration.
  • Compilation and analysis of precedents, pro and con, on important issues of law involved in risk management issues.
  • Discussion of the impact of new judicial decisions or ethics opinions on issues that are relevant to your firm’s risk management program.
  • Analysis and advice regarding specific conflict issues.
  • Assistance in the pre-claim evaluation of conduct that could expose your firm to professional liability claims and in the adoption of an action plan to correct the problem and avoid the claim.
  • Recommendations of defense counsel to represent your firm in defense of professional liability claims and/or of experts to provide consultation or testimony in such a defense.
  • Second opinions on your firm’s or outside counsel’s evaluation of risks to your firm from claims or grievances asserted against your firm.

Specific Panel of Specialist Service Providers:

Name Company Rate
Bill Freivogel click here for resume Independent Consultant $400
Tony Williams click here for resume Jomati Consultants LLP (strategic alliance with Altman Weil Inc) £500
Bruce Friedman click here for resume Bingham McCutchen LLP $600