As a client of Paragon Risk Management Services (Paragon Services), we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to participate in our recently revised ‘ Forms’ Library. If you are a Paragon client and require a username and password, please contact or click on the registration link.

In the interests of promoting best practices among our law firm clients, and as a direct response to various client requests, Paragon Services have created a user friendly web-based location where you and your peer firms can:

  • Share professional standards/risk management forms;
  • Share professional standards/risk management polices and procedures;
  • Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of your peer firms and specialists from the risk management field;
  • Have the opportunity to discuss the forms as well as any policies and procedures with Paragon Preferred Service Providers and author firms;
  • Share and benefit from any modifications and improvements made, which can only serve as added value to all participant firms.

The idea is that this is a reciprocated arrangement.  We invite your firm to participate by furnishing copies of your own documents for possible addition to the library.  We hope that the documents in our revised library and those that our Preferred Service Providers, you, and other law firms contribute will cover a very broad range of professional responsibility issues, expanding the scope of the library.

None of the forms reference the author.  However, suggested modifications can be furnished to the author, via Paragon Services.  This is so that the author can also take advantages of any improvements or modifications that may have been made and we can add revised documents to our library, thus serving our objective of facilitating development of “best of the best” risk management forms as well as policies and procedures.

In addition, should you wish to discuss the details of a particular form, we are happy to put you in touch with the author on your request.

Attached is the list of the professional standards/risk management forms that several of our large law firm clients and our Preferred Service Providers contributed to our revised “Forms’ Library.  These documents have been added to our web-site and are stored on a confidential, password protected section which is only accessible to participant firms.