Paragon Flipboard

If you want to use Paragon Flipboard

Please download Flipboard by searching into the Itune Store within your device – these versions is available only for iOS & Android

For anyone who needs to read the Paragon News Hub directly you required to download above apps – However, you welcome to download directly from the URL links below:

The Paragon App is now available to download, free of charge, from the Apple App Store. Search for Flipboard and Currents then install and register

Once you download, please create an account within app and to view Paragon site in Flipboard:

1. Open Flipboard

2. Touch red ribbon on top right. The one with the search icon

3. In the search box, type:

4. Select the Paragon Brokers link in the search results

If you are unsure how to download app within your device – Please feel free to send email to IT Support at