This Procedures Manual is intended to assist everyone in Paragon to understand how Paragon has to operate and how things have to be done and should give everyone reasonable guidance or firm ruling on what is, or is not, acceptable. Putting the interests of the Insured first is the key principle in Paragon and the board expects everyone to base their decisions and actions on this key principle. If you are faced with a problem or difficulty, which you feel this Procedures Manual does not clearly address, or addresses incorrectly, please do not hesitate to ask your Manager or Director or the company’s Compliance Officer. Paragon operates an “Open Door” principle therefore nobody should be reticent to ask even at the risk of looking a little “Silly”. So please carefully read this manual and familiarise yourselves with its contents and if you have any questions please contact the Compliance Officer who will be very happy to discuss any concerns you may have. Our regulator is the FCA and we need to maintain very high standards to meet their expectations and demands.

Thank you.

Director responsible for Compliance.